Non-traditional Housing

Would you know that this is of non-traditional building, and so not mortgageable? This is a Henry Boot system built property.

Trusteel Houses

Your traditional looking house could be hiding a steel framed building, only seen in the roof void. Such properties are common in Strood and the surrounding areas, but very difficult to spot from the outside.

Cracked brickwork

Did you look at the property through rose-tinted glasses when you visited and missed that defect?

Internal Alterations

Whatever happened to chimney breast they took out, but left unsupported in the loft? We are finding this more and more when we inspect. Did you notice it?

Unsupported chimney breast

Brickwork is left hanging over the ceiling, which was directly over the bed. This could fail at any time. (Vendor advised to move out of room until supported.) Often the brickwork has simply been supported off the ceiling joists.

Flat roofing

Always prudent to check that flat roof, as this could be costly. This one had been overcoated with bitumen to prolong it's life

Blocked drains

Never a surveyors favourite job!

Japanese Knotweed

That nice looking plant in the garden can cause no-end of problems. We even found it in a property that had been refurbished and was shown on Homes under the Hammer.